Legacy Asset Management 

Legacy Asset Management was founded under the premise...no two investors are exactly alike. Each has unique goals, philosophies, and tolerances for risk. In fact, depending on their current stations of life, investment strategies often change over time.

  • Some are looking for an investment manager that can actively manage an equity or fixed income portfolio. Legacy's professional staff has managed portfolios of individual securities for almost two decades. Our attention to a security's intrinsic value and quality is the core of our professional practice; our charter is to balance a portfolio's value and quality with appropriate risk and returns for every investor.
  • Others sock away dollars each month into an employer-offered 401(k) plan and expect to live their twilight retirement years from the growth of those accounts. Many of these individuals will have no future income source other than their retirement accounts; our charter is to grow these dollars to help provide a comfortable quality of life once the working years have ended.
  • Still others maintain various investment accounts with assets earmarked for current living expenses, certain major purchases, children's education, and retirement. Many of these individuals believe they have constructed a proper financial plan, but may not have a solid grasp of the consolidated investment picture and the likelihood for success; our charter is to help determine their exact goals and manage the overall portfolios, mindful of liquidity and long-term financial needs.

In all cases, the professionals at Legacy Asset Management work closely with their clients to devise the most appropriate investment solutions for themselves and their families.

Above all else...We strive to be trusted advisers and stewards of our clients' assets.

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