Wealth management

Legacy’s investment professionals design, implement, and manage various equity and fixed income portfolio strategies based on the individual client’s goals, income needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.


We believe that a portfolio of value-oriented stocks is appropriate for long term, risk sensitive investors because value stocks often trade at lower multiples, tend to be less volatile, and pay a higher dividend than the equity market as a whole. Because we are long term value oriented investors, there tends to be lower security turnover, lower transaction costs, and lower tax liabilities. Each separate account is managed “similar, yet different,” where our professionals consider diverse factors such as concentrated equity positions, tax implications, social responsibility, and other issues of significance to individual investors.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income portfolios include high-rated government, municipal, and investment grade corporate bonds that provide consistent cash generating interest payments appropriate for investors with ongoing cash flow needs. Each separate account is managed with the investor’s time horizon in mind and often includes a combination of short term maturity for safety and longer term to seek higher yield.

Mutual Funds

We manage no-load mutual fund portfolios to suit aggressive, moderate, and conservative client risk profiles. We select experienced managers from both well-known fund companies and independent boutique firms. The mutual fund portfolio strategies combine strategic advice and asset allocation with the goal of meeting planned finanical objectives.


ETF Portfolio

Based on fundamental analysis and market perspective, our portfolio managers select a diversified group of ETFs designed to be aggressively traded, have limited parameters, and be focused on absolute return.  This portfolio is suitable for investors looking for added diversification from an aggressive style of investing with global exposure.